Bayonet Capital is a New Jersey based private equity firm that supports entrepreneurs and management in the implementation of innovative strategies to create value. We provide equity and mezzanine debt to finance buyouts, recapitalizations, and transformational strategic growth opportunities. We also provide financial and operational support to social entrepreneurs who are committed to the mission of creating and sustaining social value. We are particular passionate with projects that support the U.S Armed Forces and Veteran community. We do not engage in venture financing.

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Hospitals, Airports and Churches

What do these places all have in common? At any given time there is an enormous range of emotion driven by personal circumstances. To the masses, there is hardly a way to detect the circumstances. In all three locations: Love, Fear, Resentment, Anger, Apathy, Disbelief, Grief and Hope are commonplace. In a church – Love in the case of a […]

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